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Graco is one of the most popular stroller and car seat brand in the market but due to the their huge products options, it can be hard for parents to decide which model to choose such as with Graco Modes vs Modes LX.

While they are indeed very similar to each other, it doesn’t mean both of them are the same item for there must be some differences as well. To know what separate them from each other and which the better option is, check their capabilities below.

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  • How to Choose a Stroller
  • What are Graco Modes and Modes LX
  • What Graco Modes and Modes LX Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Graco Modes and Modes LX
  • How are the Children Seat in Graco Modes and Modes LX
  • How are the Handlebar in Graco Modes and Modes LX
  • What Tire used in Graco Modes and Modes LX
  • Are Graco Modes and Modes LX Easy to Fold
  • Graco Modes vs Modes LX

Choosing Stroller

Carrying our baby outside is fun and all but holding them all the time will mean back pain and sore shoulder because let’s be honest, they are not light enough to be held for hours even inside the house, moreover parent have to do house chores and dealing with other tasks.

To help parent relieve some of their burden from their shoulder, stroller is invented and has been used widely to allow baby stay safe and comfortable when strolling out there while letting their parent to enjoy it as well.

What’s making stroller a necessary gear to have when being a parent is it will help us move freely while keep our baby safe on their seat. By using a stroller, parent no longer have to hold their little one or keep an eye continuously because stroller seat has harness to keep the children from roaming around without your supervision.

As for little baby, they can rest or nap better when put on their bassinet or infant car seat compared when hold by parents while moving.

The most important thing when looking for a stroller is their capabilities because not all strollers are made to be the same and just like everything else, checking their capabilities is required to make sure they can provide needed features whether it is on the extra accessories or the design itself.

Some stroller allow the user to install more than one seat from two to even three seat as well as additional panel for the bigger sibling to ride along while many only offer one seat for one children.

If parent want to carry their children along to a jog, we can’t use a regular stroller because the wheel and tire are not made for the activity and surface so there is jogging stroller with the suitable design and features.

With this, before going to hunt for a stroller, it is best for parent to list down the kind of capabilities or features and preferred design to ease and quicken the searching process without scarifying their dependability.

About Graco Modes and Modes LX

However, if parents already have a favorite brand to go, it can be easier to see for we already eliminate most of the options. If you don’t have a preferred names, it is good to start from a popular manufacturer first because the one loved by many others may also have a high chance to provide what you need as well.

One of the most popular stroller or juvenile product brands out there is Graco and we are sure parents are already familiar with their name.

Graco stroller and car seats are very well-known so it is not surprising to see people strolling with their children at the park with their stroller and parent carrying their baby in the brand infant car seat.

This manufacturer have a lot to offer in their catalogue and while this is a good thing since it means parent can have more options to choose based on their need, it can also confused users for the more we see, the more we have to check as well.

For those who only need a single stroller, Graco Modes and Modes LX are two nice option to go because they come with all the standard features we need in a standard stroller from the handlebar to wheel.

They are not capable to hold more than one passenger at a time like any stackable stroller as well as not suitable to be taken while jogging for it has no rubber tire and proper suspension to handle the kind of surface we often run into especially those who goes on a rougher track.

However, these models are available in a travel system set or sold separately if needed which mean it can take an infant car seat on their frame so they are useful since the infancy stage.

Before we are going further, their differences are very little and in our opinion doesn’t really affect the choice but for those who loves a bit more than standard, Graco Modes LX may seems very interesting for you. In short, they are very similar to each other with quite a price gap.

Graco Modes and Modes LX Design

From the outside, Graco Modes and Modes LX are too identical to each other so it is a bit hard to decide which the enhanced model is since overall they have the same frame and build.

However, when you pay attention to their children seat, it seems that the LX model has a bigger and more padding compared to its original seat. We do think their weight would be the same as well but when tested, Modes original somehow heavier than its other version.

Graco Modes and Modes LX Canopy

When talking about a stroller, the first thing we see must be their canopy because it is placed on such a visible position but often not mentioned by parents when looking for a stroller.

Graco Modes and Modes LX have a standard canopy which comes with two-ply design so it is quite enough to cover your children when strolling under the sun ray but is not the widest in the market and not capable to protect the front side when going out in the summer.

However, they have an additional visor at the front for a small extra protection and a peek a boo window at the top to allow parent to check on their little one while strolling without the need to stop first.

Graco Modes and Modes LX Children Seat

Below this canopy, we can see their children seat which is probably the most prominent difference in both strollers because as you can see, the original Modes has a standard baby pad inside the seat and moving to Modes LX, this model padding is a bit different.

It has a bigger and wider padding that will affect their comfort as well which is especially useful when used to carry smaller children and to properly hold babies in the seat. Read also: Graco Modes vs Fastaction here.

It does feels comfortable but this difference is not going to affect the whole stroller and our children still can sit or nap soundly with the regular Modes stroller seat padding.

In addition, both of them are a versatile option not only because they can accept infant car seat but also because their seat can be completely removed from the frame which mean we can convert these strollers into an infant car seat carrier, eliminating the children seat weight when not needed yet.

This may seem not very important but we do adore it especially for baby since we can travel lightly and more compact by leaving the seat at home.

Another special capabilities from Graco Modes and Modes LX is we can actually convert the seat into a bassinet by reclining the backrest fully and fold the footrest panel upward to secure the foot area. This mode is very useful when in a long stroll to allow baby move freely in their carrier compared to when using an infant car seat.

Graco Modes and Modes LX Handlebar

Behind these seats, there is their handlebar and it is also different in both models because the original Modes stroller only has regular handlebar without any option to adjust the height which may affect parent with taller or shorter height. In LX model, this handlebar is upgraded to be adjustable with a rotating design so we can makes it go a bit higher or lower as how the parent want it to be. Additionally, there is a parent tray here as well to accommodate bottle and snacks on the go.

Graco Modes and Modes LX Tire and Folding Mechanism

The last important this is their tire and folding mechanism. As for tire, Graco Modes and Modes LX are standard stroller so they have a forever tire covering a 4-wheel in total with their front a bit smaller than the rear ones. Both also have the same rear-brake that can be activated with foot.

To fold the stroller, press the button on their handle and fold the frame together, making it into a half form with a standing position.


Now, let’s compare Graco Modes with Modes LX. The difference between these strollers are only on their children seat support padding and the adjustable handle because Modes LX has a plushier padding compared to Modes and an adjustable rotating handle to accommodate parents with taller or shorter height.

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